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Manicure Salon in New Orleans, LA

Treat yourself with relaxing manicures and pedicures from The Gallery Salon & Spa. We are proud to offer a positive clean environment where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. All listed manicure and pedicure times are approximate but can be modified to fit your schedule. Call our manicure salon in New Orleans, LA, to book an appointment. ** We are now offering Dipping Powder Manicures! Please scroll to the bottom to see pricing.

Manicure Salon in New Orleans, LA Pedicure Salon in New Orleans, LA


All the steps of our classic pedicure except we are using a bamboo & charcoal sea salt soak to aid in relieving those tired, sore, achy feet and our citrus sugar scrub to exfoliate plus an amazing smelling mint & eucalyptus clay mask to draw out impurities. All our pedicures come with warm towels that cacoon the feet plus massage time, all the good things you love but with a few new ingredients to relax, detox, and hydrate the skin. 

• Dip Manicure & Detox Pedicure  $105
• Dip Classic Manicure / Dip polish change  $45 / $38
• Detox Pedicure (45-60 min) $65

   Soak off dip with service $10 / al carte $15 

Express Manicure & Pedicure

You'll be in and out and looking fabulous with our Express package. Your service starts with shaping your nails, followed by a complete buffing and cuticle treatment. Your nails are completed with the color of your choice. This mani/pedi package costs are listed below.

• Express Package  $52
• Express Mani : 15 min $20
• Express Pedi : 20 min $35

Classic Manicure & Pedicure

This nail care treatment includes nail shaping, a hand and foot soak, a revitalizing cuticle treatment, gentle exfoliation of your hands and feet with a citrus sugar scrub, and a moisturizing hand and foot massage. Your nails are painted in the color of your choice.

• Classic Manicure: 20-30 minutes $25
• Classic Gel Manicure: 45 minutes $40
• Classic Pedicure: 35-45 minutes (customize your scent with Kneipp essential bath oils) $45
• Classic Mani & Pedi Package $65
• Classic Gel Mani & Classic Pedi Package $72

Signature Manicure & Pedicure

This pampering treatment includes nail shaping, a hand and foot soak, a rejuvenating cuticle treatment, and a gentle hand and foot exfoliation. Your hands and feet are then bathed in a warm, therapeutic paraffin bath and cocooned in warm towels. A luxurious hand and foot massage follows, all the way to your elbows and knees. Finally, your nails are painted with the polish of your choice. The signature manicure lasts

• Signature Manicure: 30-45 minutes $45
• Signature Pedicure: 50-60 minutes (customize your scent with Kneipp essential bath oils) $60
•  Signature Package Mani & Pedi $95

Ultimate Manicure & Pedicure

Relax your mind, body, and spirit with this divine vegan nail treatment. You'll take your hands and feet on a tranquil journey with this therapeutic ritual choosing from 4 fruit filled scents. This nail treatment includes shaping, soaking, exfoliating, moisturizing with a callus treatment, hydrating paraffin wax and extended massage for some serious pampering...

• Ultimate Manicure: 45-60 min $50
• Ultimate Pedicure: 1 hour, 15 min (customize your scent with Kneipp essential bath oils) $80
• Ultimate Mani & Pedi Package $120

Callus Peel Pedicure Treatment

This is perfect for callused feet that are in need of a little TLC. The meticulous callus conditioning treatment incorporates our classic pedicure, and will gently soften and dissolve those problematic areas without using harsh implements.

• 50-60 minutes $55
• Add on options: Callus Treatment, Parrafin Wax, extended Massage (10 min) to any nail service $15

**We are now offering Dipping Powder Manicures!

$45 (35 min service) Soak off w/ extra time $10 with service, $15 a la carte, French $5