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Signature Massage in New Orleans, LA

You'll feel like royalty when you treat yourself to a massage. There is something for everyone with our extensive range of exceptional massages. Our Couples Massage is divine and a fabulous way to reconnect with the one you love. Additionally, we now offer off-site massage therapy. You deserve the spa life, and with our signature massage in New Orleans, LA, we are happy to assist.

The Gallery Signature Massage

This massage combines mainly Swedish techniques with various deep tissue techniques together with hot towels; your massage therapist will customize your massage to areas you need most work and adjust the pressure to suit your specific needs. The goal is to be super relaxed and enjoy some quiet time. Don't we all need that!

• 30 minutes - $50

• 60 minutes - $80

• Off-Site 60 min - $120
(Within 5 miles)
• 90 minutes - $115 • Off-Site 90 min - $140
(Within 5 miles)

Signature Massage in New Orleans, LA

**Our Couples' Massage**

This massage for two includes your choice of our Signature Massage with Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques or a full body deep tissue massage in a relaxing open room together with calming music. Your massage includes a 5 min citrus sugar scrub for your hands and feet at the end of the massage to awaken the body. We will also provide 2 glasses of champagne and locally made chocolates for a romantic feel to enjoy afterwards together.

*We were voted by New Orleans Online readers as One of Nola's Top 10 Most Romantic Day Spas! Book for your next Anniversary or just because. You will both love it but come see for yourself. 

Please note: our steam shower is not functional right now. 

• Signature C.M. 60 min -

$ 110 per person

•Deep Tissue 60 min-

$135 per person

• Signature C.M. 90 min -

$ 145 per person

•Deep Tissue 90 min-

$165 per person

Detoxifying Deep Tissue Massage & Off-Site Massage Services

This firm massage technique with hot towels alleviates muscle tension and restores flexibility. It is designed to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, as well as ease your tired joints while promoting a self-healing process.

• 30 minutes Deep Tissue - $60

• 60 minutes - $90

• 90 minutes - $125

• Off-Site Massage 60 min - $140 
(Within 3-5 miles) 
• Off-Site Massage  90 min- $160
(Within 3-5 miles)

Full-Service Spa in New Orleans, LA

 ~ ~At Home Massage Therapy ~~ Yes!! 

Stone Massage in New Orleans, LA

Healing Warm Stone Massage

This is the perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension. This relaxing massage incorporates deep heat therapy with smooth polished river stones of various shapes and sizes. This massage is not recommended for clients with high blood pressure or health conditions that may prohibit heated treatments. Be prepared to fully relax and let your mind be free. The stone massage is an amazing & very popular choice favorite by our regulars.

• 90 minutes - $125

Mother-to-Be Massage

This full-body Swedish massage is designed specifically for expecting mothers. It increases circulation and reduces fatigue, and eases aches in the back, shoulders, and neck that may be caused by increased weight and shifting postures. This massage is not advised during the first trimester. For our Mom's, you will be surrounded with pillows to allow extra comfort while the therapist listens to where you're experiencing discomfort in hopes to alleviate any stress in the muscles from the changes you are experiencing. This Swedish massage is customized to your comfort level.

• 60 minutes - $90                                              • 90 minutes - $125

Sports Massage

This modality is very similar to a deep tissue except it is geared towards athletes focusing on quicker recovery and increased mobility for their performance in training and competing. The benefits of a sports massage are numerous: improved flexibility, reduced risk of injury, and a boosted circulatory system. This service is designed to enhance athletic performance and endurance as well as heal quicker from any injury or added stress from the activity.

• 60 min -  $110                 • 90 min - $135

Swedish Cupping Massage

This 90 min relaxing Swedish massage encompasses the art up cupping. These cups range in sizes and are placed on the back in various positions which creates suction and then moved along the back to manipulate the fascia to increase blood flow and allow the therapist to work the muscle tissue easier with their hands. The cups are not left on for a long period of time and do not bruise the skin. There are also studies shown to link this type of Swedish massage to aiding in immune support and breaking up cellulite. Cupps can be placed in certain areas of the back, legs and hip flexors as well as other areas of the body as needed upon request. This service is customizable however it is mainly massage work that releases most of the tension. Select therapists are available to provide this new yet ancient Chinese technique in a soothing massage. Call for details.

•  90 min - $130 

Vitamin Glow Body Treatment

Perfect for those who spend lots of time in the sun...This full-body lemon, grapefruit & vitamin c enriched body scrub increases circulation, detoxes the body and refines the skin. After this treatment, you are welcome to take a relaxing steam or rain shower to rinse off. The final stages of this invigorating treatment include intense hydration to send you on your way feeling your best. This is a great add on to any massage service as well. We do offer the DermAware Vitamin Glow Scrub for purchase to keep you glowing till your new visit to our lovely spa.

• 30 minutes -  $50 with massage / $75 al la carte

NEW Lymphatic Drainage 90 min Massage $150

This massage is designed to strengthen your immune system, reduce fluid retention, boost metabolism, reduce cellulite, increase metabolic rate and circulation.

**Warning: please arrive hydrated for this specialized treatment.

Request: Melissa 

Special Offer: $20 Off 1st Lymphatic Session with checking in on social media: FB, Yelp or Instagram to spread the good word and promote health. 

* Spa Enhancements for any massage service *

• Body Treatment: 30 minutes $75 / $50 when combined with any massage service 

• Ageless Hand or Foot Treatment w/ Peptides by Skinscript $10 / Both $18

• Reflexology (30 min) $55 /  (60 min) $100

• Mini Self Tan Treatment: 20-30 min $50

• Full Tan Treatment: exfoliate, rinse, tan    45-60 min -  $75

• Hand & Arm Massage (15 min) $20

• Hand or Foot Sugar Scrub $5  each

• Scalp Massage within service $10

• Scalp Massage (15 min extra) $20

• Soothing Scalp Or Hair Treatment w/ Moroccan Oil $20 / Both $30

• Healing Seaweed Wrap 50 min $75

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